Monday, September 15, 2014

New photos of Lief


Just some other cool photos of Lief.


A new photo of August - New Tank

Wanted to post a recent photo of August. He is getting so big.


 For my birthday I also got a new tank for August. It's a 50 gallon terrarium. He loves it.

We even made him a new plant.


He feel's like the King of all Lizards.

I got a new Reptile! meet Leo


This is my new Leopard Gecko. I got him for my 10th birthday. He is very sweet but he is kind of hard to feed. He eats small dubia roaches. I have lots of those so it makes feeding him cheap.

He is about 5 inches long.

I use a 12x12x12 zoomed terrarium. I keep him on walnut bedding with one big cave hide and lots of plants.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to care for Dubia Roaches

Below is a video of how to care for and breed Dubia Roaches.
Comment with any questions. Thanks!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Lief eating a Bass

I went down to my creek the other day to try and catch some fish for Lief. It took me 15 minutes sitting in one spot to catch one small fish. Once I saw the fish come out I stuck it with my net. Then I took it up to the house screaming horray!!! Lief enjoyed. Warning: If you do not like watching snakes eat, don't hit play.

My Brothers

Just wanted to introduce you to my brothers.


My brother Taite is to the left. He is 7.

Owen in the gray shirt with dark pants is 4.

Reed the cute baby is 20 months old.

... and the last dude on the right is me of course.

They are annoying often. I still like them. Except when they come in my room and touch stuff. Like this....